Can Blood Tests Diagnose and Monitor Depression?

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fingerbandaidDiagnosing depression is a challenge.  The process can seem quite daunting, subjective, and arbitrary.  What if there was a way to diagnose and monitor depression in the same way that you might diagnose a medical condition such as diabetes?

Recent studies out of MedUni Vienna and the Weizman Institute of Science in Israel suggest that there might be a way to test for depression with a simple blood test measuring miR135, a microRNA that influences the level of serotonin in the brain.  They have found that people struggling with depression have had lower levels of miR135.  So with a simple blood test, they may be able determine the level of this microRNA and thereby identify one’s risk of depression or the effectiveness of treatment in those already diagnosed.

These new developments have potential for taking away much of the stigma often associated with depression by further supporting the medical and physical causes of it.  They could offer a diagnostic tool that is prompt and clear with treatments that are specific and focused.

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