Family Stories


An artistic and outgoing child, Allyson recalls that she was about 13 years old when her mom noticed she was showing signs of depression. “I secluded myself,” Allyson recalls. “I wasn’t doing things I enjoyed.” Allyson’s mom Roslyn was a single... read more

Bill, Nancy, and Ally

From the time Ally was nine months old, her parents Bill and Nancy knew that something was wrong. Ally couldn’t sleep, had temper tantrums up to 20 times a day, and increasingly became more aggressive.  Medical professionals told Bill and Nancy not to worry, but they... read more

Aimee and Christine

When Aimee was a junior in college, just a couple of years ago, she started having difficulties she wasn’t familiar with: crying a lot, feeling moody, not eating and not exercising. The young lady who would soon become Miss Rhode Island and compete for the Miss... read more