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In alphabetical order by organization name.

Academy of Cognitive Therapy has referrals to certified cognitive therapists by region.

Adolescent Mood Disorders, Aspen Educational Group Concerned about your son or daughter? Learn how depression and other mood disorders express themselves among adolescents and where to find treatment.

Adolescent Wellness Adolescent Mental Health & Wellness Curriculum / A Starter Kit For Schools, and also offers a document for parents

ADS Center U.S. Government's resource center to address discrimination and stigma.

The Alliance for Aging Research is a non-profit dedicated to supporting and accelerating the pace of medical discoveries to vastly improve the universal human experience of aging and health.

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Assisting parents and families in understanding developmental, behavioral, emotional and mental disorders affecting children and adolescents.

American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry Dedicated to promoting the mental health and well-being of older people and improving the care of those with late-life mental disorders.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has support groups and educational events for families who have lost loved ones to suicide.

The American Medical Association 'Doctor Finder' provides psychiatrist referrals by city.

The American Psychological Association has a Find a Psychologist search.Or call 1-800-964-2000 (U.S.).

The American Psychiatric Association provides 'Let's Talk' brochures under its public information section.

Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law The Bazelon Center works to advocate for people with disabilities and depressive disorders.

The Balanced Mind Parent Network (formerly Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation or bpkids.org). Extensive resources and online support for parents of children diagnosed with, or at risk for, early onset bipolar disorder.

BPDWorld Offers information about Borderline Personality Disorder and other mental health concerns.

The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation (BBRF) features a number of free recorded webcasts on mood disorders and other mental health topics.

Cambridge Health Alliance: Child and Adolescent Research Studies of youth with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and pervasive developmental disorders, and at risk of developing these disorders.

Caregiver.org Resources for the caregiver of a family member or loved one with chronic health problems including depressive disorders.

Caregiver Action Network (CAN) (formerly the National Family Caregivers Association). Educates, supports, empowers and speaks up for millions of Americans who care for loved ones with a chronic illness or disability or the frailties of old age, reaching across the boundaries of diagnoses, relationships and life stages to help transform the lives of family caregivers.

CareGivers.com Information about caring for elderly family members with various conditions.

Center for Mental Health Services Unit of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) includes variety of mental health and substance abuse help resources and provider locator.

The Center for Postpartum Health Specializes in women's mental health concerns and life cycles changes around pregnancy and birth and the onset of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Children's Emotional Healthlink Helping pediatricians and parents work together to improve the emotional health of their children and families.

David Nee Foundation Supports and encourages organizations devoted to preventing suicide among adolescents and young adults through diagnosis, treatment, education, and research.

DepressionFallout.com is one of the oldest internet resource for the spouses, lovers, parents, children, and friends of those who suffer from depression and bipolar disorder and it continues to be a leading source of information and support.

EffectiveChildTherapy.com is an educational website with the mission to inform the public and professionals about which child and adolescent mental health treatments have the strongest scientific support, and are most likely to work.  This site is offered as a completely free service and is sponsored by the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, a division of the American Psychological Association. 

The Family Center for Bipolar Disorder (FCBD) is dedicated to the compassionate support, treatment and understanding of bipolar illness within the context of the family. We treat patients and their families with our Family-Inclusive Treatment (FIT) program.

Family Diversity Projects offers a 'Nothing to Hide' traveling photo-text exhibit on mental illness.

Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health. A parent-run organization focused on the needs of children and youth with emotional, behavioral or mental disorders.

Foundation for MetroWest connects philantropic opportunity with demonstrated need in MetroWest Massachusetts.

Freedom From Fear. National nonprofit mental illness advocacy organization helping those affected by anxiety, depression and related disorders with advocacy, education, research, and community support.

Massachusetts General Hospital MADI Resource Center Mood & Anxiety Disorders Institute. The Center offers information, resources and support through its web sites, reading materials, support groups, and seminars for the public.

Massachusetts State Parent Teacher Association. Provides a support network to local units and councils statewide through state and district PTA conferences, workshops, personalized schools of instruction, and numerous publications and materials.

Mayo Clinic - Mental Health and Substance Abuse information. Important information on mental illness and substance abuse.

McMan's Depression and Bipolar Web. Articles, plus news, books, forums, discussions, and McMan's Depression and Bipolar Weekly newsletter.

Medline Plus Dual Diagnosis information. Information about mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse.

Mental Health America Dual Diagnosis information Information about mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse.

Mental Health Net provides books, mental health news, and community chats on various mental health topics.

Metro Boston Recovery Learning Community offers classes, groups and special activities for individuals and families with mental health conditions all free of charge. 

National Domestic Violence Hotline. Provides info on 5,000 shelters and providers for victims, friends, and family.

National Alliance on Mental Illness distributes brochures on many mental illnesses, has a free 12-week family to family education program.

The National Association of Commissions for Women is a non-profit membership organization made up of over 250 Commission for Women across the United States and its territories, established by government. Our mission is to identify issues affecting the status of women, monitor legislation affecting women and their families, and to serve as the national voice for state, county and local commissions for women.

National Association of School Psychologists. Promotes educationally and psychologically healthy environments for all children and youth.

The National Council on the Aging is a national network of organizations and individuals dedicated to improving the health and independence of older persons; increasing their continuing contributions to communities, society and future generations; and building caring communities.

National Council on Patient Information and Education. One of the original patient safety coalitions, NCPIE works to advance the safe, appropriate use of medicines through enhanced communication.

The National Depressive and Manic Depressive Association has a directory of support groups, brochures, and other educational resources.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIH) is the government authority on mental health, distributing brochures and statistics on depression and bipolar disorder.

NIH and Univ. of Pennsylvania. Undergoing a nationwide study on the genetics of recurrent early-onset depression. Looking for families to be interviewed who receive $75 for participation.

The National Mental Health Association conducts advocacy, education, research and service.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. This Lifeline is a national network of crisis centers that provides a free, 24-hour service to those in crisis and can also be used by psychologists to distribute to their patients for after-hours care. Family members can also call for support and help at any time.

National Women's Health Resource Center. This site includes content, frequently asked questions and consumer tips on fitness, nutrition and disease prevention, as well as healthcare issues ranging from teen health to pregnancy to post-menopausal concerns.

The Online PPD Support Group. Offers information, support and assistance to those dealing with postpartum mood disorders, their families, friends, physicians and counselors.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance brings together America’s pharmaceutical companies, doctors, other health care providers, patient advocacy organizations and community groups to help qualifying patients who lack prescription coverage get the medicines they need through the public or private program that’s right for them.

Parents for Residential Reform (PFRR) provides training to parents about living options, wrap around services, restraint, medication, the IEP, MCAS, transition, their children's rights, and much more.

Postpartum Education for Parents is an all-volunteer organization in Santa Barbara, CA, which provides support to new parents, including New Parent groups and a Postpartum Distress Support Group.

Postpartum Support International. A social support network, information center and research guide for postpartum mood disorders and depression.

Reintegration.com. Sponsored by Eli Lilly and Company, this web site provides tools and resources for people suffering with a chronic mental illness.

Rebecca's Dream: The Rebecca Lynn Cutler Legacy of Life Foundation. A charitable foundation working to educate the world about depression and bipolar disorder while reducing stigma, promoting awareness and complassionate understanding of depression and bipolar disorder as real diseases.

Rita Project, uses art studios to help survivors of suicide connect with the power of creation, foster transformation.

SAMHSA Guide to Getting Through Tough Economic Times The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has put together a guide of resources to address the issues of the economic situation. You can find information on state mental health services as well as information about financial assistant and reemployment.

Screening for Mental Health offers anonymous online screening for depression and sponsors the annual National Depression Screening Day in October to promote local screening opportunities.

Shut up about your perfect Kids A web site for parents of special and other "imperfect" kids designed by "imperfect" parents. You can come here to relax, laugh, exchange ideas, and revel in the comfort of "imperfection."

Suicide Awareness Voices of Education. SAVE's mission is to prevent suicide through public awareness and education, reduce stigma and serve as a resource for those touched by suicide.

TeenScreen Program. The Columbia University TeenScreen Program is an adolescent mental health and suicide-screening initiative active in 40 states.

Treatment Advocacy Center. A nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating barriers to effective treatment of mental illnesses.

Ulifeline. The Jed Foundation's web-based mental health resource providing college students with information, screening, answers to questions and direct access to their respective college's mental health center.

Well Spouse Association - Support for Spousal Caregivers. Well Spouse Association is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide support to husbands, wives, and partners dealing with chronic illness or disability. State-to-state support is provided.

wtl tm logo 2012 blueThe Will To Live Foundation is dedicated to increasing love, hope and the "will to live" of teens everywhere through education about mental health and encouraging them to recognize the love and hope that exists in each other.

Women's Mental Health. Mental Health Center at Mass General Hospital helping women suffering from mood disturbances, bipolar, anxiety, etc.









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If you or someone you know is in crisis, call 800-273-TALK or 911 immediately. For crisis support via text message, text LISTEN to 741741.