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gingerbread_menFor the past several weeks we have posted blogs giving you suggestions about how to keep a handle on the stress that comes with the holiday season. This is our final blog of the "Holiday Stress" series, and we hope you have found it helpful. These final three points are particularly relevant as family members start to arrive, and all of your activities and hardwork come to fruition.

scalp_massageOne of the most important things to remember during the holiday season is to take care of yourself. Self-care is critically important all year round, but particularly when you are under a lot of stress. These three tips are to help you manage your stress by taking care of your self. When you're feeling relaxed and well, you'll enjoy the holiday so much more!

noThis installment of our "Holiday Stress" series focuses on how to manage your stress when things start to go wrong. The two seemingly simple ideas below can be difficult to master, but once you successfully implement them, you may find that the hiccups in your carefully-laid plans seem smaller and easier to overcome.

baystate_parent_coverJulie Totten, President & Founder of Families for Depression Awareness was interviewed for an article in December's issue of Bay State Parent. The article, titled "Teenage Moodiness or a Mood Disorder?" covers the signs and symptoms of mood disorders and gives parents some practical advice about helping their teen. Click here to download the full article (PDF).

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CarolTwenty-one years ago, my family lost my brother in a tragic car accident. The loss caused all of us incredible grief and sadness, and each of us coped in our own way. We soon saw that the grief my sister was experiencing was different. Her depression deepened and the loss became too much for her to bear, leading to her hospitalization.

StressYou’ve developed a realistic plan, divided your time, and you’ve set a budget. Now how do you manage the stress that comes with the inevitable (and often unavoidable) deviations from the plan? Minimize your stress by being self-aware and balanced. Balance is a key concept at this time of year. Use these tips to help you keep perspective throughout the holiday season.

Holiday-StressOur first "Holiday Stress" blog post identified some of the common sources of stress this season: time constraints, financial concerns, a demanding schedule, family expectations, and emotional triggers are big contributors. This post covers setting yourself up for success this holiday season.

holiday_stressThe holiday season is here, and with the holiday season comes a lot of extra stress. There are many additional demands placed on you, and these additional stressors can quickly become overwhelming.

thanksgivingMany families will kick off the holiday season this Thursday with a sumptuous and satisfying Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving is almost exclusively an American holiday; it is about people who care about each other gathering together to eat traditional dishes and catching up by sharing stories and laughs. At my family’s Thanksgiving feast, no matter how many are around the table, each person is asked to say out loud something she or he is thankful for. This is one of the rituals of our Thanksgiving tradition.


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