Across the Family

2022 National Mental

Health Month

Supporting someone living with a mood disorder can look different depending on if you are their parent, spouse, sibling, or friend.

During the month of May, we invite you to follow us on social media, utilize the resources we offer, sign up for our webinar, and tell others about caregiving across the family. If you believe in the work we are doing and you care about families tackling mood disorders together, take part in our fundraising activities!

You can find Families for Depression Awareness on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Post with us using the hashtags:

  • #FamilyAware
  • #HealingTogether
  • #MyFamilyCares.


A SWEET Way to Support Families

Order Chocolate Therapy’s 12 Piece Collection featuring some of their classic and seasonal flavors including a new limited edition Green Goodness Truffle. A portion of the proceeds will donated to Families for Depression Awareness. Shipping times vary, so order today!

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Bringing together a blend of therapeutic ingredients, innovative flavors and unique spices, Chocolate Therapy offers award-winning combinations such as olive oil & dark chocolate, cinnamon, bay leaf & cayenne, and blueberry, lemon & basil. Offering a fun indulgence for consumers nationwide, the company’s mission is to help more people discover the well-documented health benefits of dark chocolate and feel a little “less guilty” when popping an irresistible truffle in their mouth.

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