How the Teen Depression Webinar Helped My Clients

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katie_duffinKatie Duffin, A Los Angeles native, counsels parents of California’s Welfare-to-Work program. “The parents I work with are generally open-minded and supportive,” Katie says.  “They want to do right by their kids but they don’t always know how.

Some of her clients have teens dealing with depression. Last fall, Katie and two of the parents she helps participated in our Teen Depression Webinar. “Afterwards, we had a discussion about their concerns for their children. Both parents wanted referrals, which I provided. One mother in particular was very worried about her son.”

For a while, Katie was unsure if the mother who was most concerned was accessing help for her son.  Then, a month after the webinar, Katie received a message from her.  “Her son’s depression was worsening and he was not going to school,” Katie recalls.  “She wanted a list of referrals again. I find parents often need to be offered help more than once before they accept it.”

Katie also benefitted from the webinar herself. Her most important takeaway was that parents must do whatever it takes to get their child well. “Parents have to be bold when confronting teen depression,” Katie says.  “It’s worth the risk of hurting your child’s feelings if it gets them the help they need.”

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