Study Finds Decline in Teen Mental Health

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Teen Girl beachA recent study has found that the mental health of teenagers has worsened significantly since 2006, with lower-income kids being hit the hardest. But parents can help their teens stay on the path to wellness, even during the summer!

In “Trends in Health-Related Quality of Life Among Adolescents in the United States, 2001-2010,” CDC researchers looked at data to determine trends in how teenagers perceive their own health-related quality of life. Teens answered a question about how many days in the past month their mental health was not good or limited them from doing usual activities.

From 2001-2006, approximately 61% of teens surveyed reported no mentally unhealthy days. However, by 2010, just under 50% of adolescents reported having no mentally unhealthy days. For kids from low-income families, the decline was more severe, from 63% to 46%. 

The study showed further that teens reporting 14 to 30 mentally unhealthy days increased significantly for kids in lower-income and middle-income families, but not those in high-income families.

Parents: Check out these tips for maintaining your teen’s wellness over the summer!

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