Care for Your Mind Advocacy Panel

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  • Are you concerned about mental health care in the US?
  • Is your life affected by depression or bipolar disorder?
  • Would you like to voice your opinions?

Join the Care for Your Mind™ Advocacy Panel!

What’s Care for Your Mind?
How Does Care for Your Mind Work?
What’s the CFYM Advocacy Panel?
What's the Commitment?
How Do You Get Started?

What’s Care for Your Mind™?

Care for Your Mind™ is a mental health advocacy blog that engages people living with mood disorders and their families in discussions about how to improve our mental health care system.

CFYM brings together mental health consumers and their families, policy experts, mental health care advocates, legislators, medical and mental health providers, and other interested parties, so that they can explore issues together, develop greater understanding of the impact of existing and proposed policies, and help to create a mental health care system that works for all of us.

A collaboration of Families for Depression Awareness and the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, CFYM aims to

  • bring our voices and real-life experiences into policy discussions
  • educate people affected by mood disorders about mental health care policy
  • encourage our readers to participate in advocacy efforts

How Does Care for Your Mind™ Work?

Experts in the field post brief articles about an aspect of mental health care, then readers ask questions, share experiences, and offer opinions about the issue. CFYM often posts a follow-up article to illustrate the impact of the policy on a particular person, family, or group, such as a personal story or a program that implements the policy. We invite you to submit your story for the blog; read more.

What’s the CFYM Advocacy Panel?

The CFYM Advocacy Panel comprises people interested in the issues and committed to participating in discussion. Panel members post comments on the blog in order to get clarification, share opinions, and encourage others to join the conversation.

What’s the Commitment?

Participating on the CFYM Advocacy Panel is easy and fulfilling!

CFYM Advocacy Panel members agree to

  1. sign up for a LiveFyre account (or already be registered with LiveFyre) – many people use an alias rather than their real names
  2. post at least one comment on a blog post at at least once per month, though more frequently is desirable
  3. share their participation with their social networks via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others
  4. give us feedback and suggest topics when desired.

How Do You Get Started?

Sign up for your LiveFyre account, then send us an email letting us know that you’re ready to get involved!

Questions? Send us an email.

Thank you!

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