Depression in the Family Audio Podcast Series

The Depression in the Family Podcast is for family members or friends of someone with depression or bipolar disorder. The podcast features experts and family members who help you learn and feel supported. 


What Podcast Topics Interest You?

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podcast_olivia_ellenTalking to Your Teen About Depression
Listen Now >> [Duration-22:30 minutes]

Talking to teens about their mental health can be complicated.  Listen to this mother and daughter discuss their path toward better communication.

Photo: (Top) Ellen, (Bottom) Olivia

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gail_Hunt_and_jane_richardson_podcastMonitoring Depression: Track Your Way to Wellness.
Listen Now >>  [Duration - 16:24 minutes]

Find out how you can get better faster by working with your family to track your depression treatment.

Use the Depression Wellness Analyzer to Track Your Treatment

Photo: (Top) Traci, (Bottom) Nate Rickles

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gail_Hunt_and_jane_richardson_podcastCaring for a Depressed Elderly Parent
Listen Now >>  [Duration - 17 minutes]

Depression rates are high among the elderly and caring for an depressed elderly parent takes a toll on the family. Learn how it affects you and how to ease the burden of caregiving.

Read tips on helping a depressed elder.

Photo: (Top) Jane Richardson, (Bottom) Gail Hunt
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Eric_youngstrom_and_mary_margaret_dick_podcastFamily History
Listen Now >> [Duration - 21 minutes]

Learn how family history helps families to work better with clinicians to determine diagnosis, treatment, and speed recovery.

Photo: (Top) Eric Youngstrom, PhD, (Bottom) Mary Margaret Dick
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nancy_Sharby_and_richard_Frank_PodcastHow to Find and Pay for Treatment
Listen Now >> [Duration - 22 minutes]

There is a shortage of clinicians and many barriers to the health care system. Learn what the situation is and how you can best get the treatment you need.

Photo: (Top) Nancy Sharby, (Bottom) Richard G. Frank, PhD
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trina_mallett_and_laura_rosen_podcastFamily Communication
Listen Now >>
[Duration - 14 minutes]

What type of support can family and friends actually provide to someone with a depressive disorder? How can family work together and avoid conflict?

Photo: (Top) Trina Mallett, (Bottom) Laura Rosen, PhD
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rebecca_riccio_and_suzanne_mintz_podcastCaregiver Burnout
Listen Now >> [Duration - 17 minutes]

You provide essential support and take on the difficulty of additional responsibilities when helping someone with a depressive disorder. Learn how you can avoid burning out.

Photo: (Top) Rebecca Riccio, (Bottom) Suzanne Mintz
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renee_rosolino_and_raymund_dePaulo_podcastHelping a Family Member Receive Treatment
Listen Now >> [Duration - 19 minutes]

Which are the best ways to help someone realize they may have a depressive disorder and get help? What do you do when they refuse to see someone?

Photo: (Top) Renee Rosolino, (Bottom) Raymond DePaulo, MD
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terry_wise_and-Matt_matt_pocastDiagnosis and Treatment
Listen Now >>
[Duration - 18 minutes]

Find out what you can do to make sure your loved one gets the proper diagnosis and treatment and how your help is essential.

Photo: (Top) Terry Wise, (Bottom) Matt Ruble, MD
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Robert_antonioni_and_carol_glod_podcastphotoSigns of Depressive Disorders
Listen Now >> [Duration - 20 minutes]

Learn what depression and bipolar disorder look like and what family and friends really notice.

Photo: (Top) MA Senator Robert Antonioni, (Bottom) Carol Glod, PhD

Family Stories

If you or someone you know is in crisis, call 800-273-TALK or 911 immediately. For crisis support via text message, text LISTEN to 741741.