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Coping After A Suicide for families grieving from a suicide of a loved one

$1.00 / Brochure

14-page brochure helps families understand they are not alone, suicide is common, they didn’t cause it, grief versus depression, and how they can cope.
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Coping With Stress Brochure for adults

$1.25 / Brochure

18-page brochure outlines clear solutions to dealing with stress; when it is more than stress, it is often depression or anxiety; where to get help.
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Helping Someone Who is Depressed for family caregivers

$1.25 / Brochure

22-page brochure explains depression, symptoms, the role of family and friends, helping someone receive and manage treatment, and dealing with caregiver emotions.
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Single Guide

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Depression Wellness Guide for Adults with depression and their families and friends

$6.95 / Guide

50-page guide describes depression, treatment, and how to monitor treatment with daily and weekly tools. Read More >>

Guide Set 

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Depression and Bipolar Wellness Guide for parents and teens (sold as a set)

$11.95 / set

32-page teen guide and 60-page parent guide that describes depression and bipolar disorder, treatment, common issues, and ways to monitor treatment. Read More >>

Guias de Bienestar para la Depresion y Bipolaridad para adolescentes y sus padres (2 guias)

$11.95 / guias

Una guia de 60 paginas para padres que describe la depresion y desorden bipolar, como comunicar con su hijo/hija, y como monitorear su tratamieno con actividades cotidianas y semanales. Una guia de 32 paginas para adolescentes que describe la depresion y desorden bipolar, problemas comunes, y como monitorear su tratamiento.  
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Coping with Stress Workshop To train adults and employees

$250.00 (License for Non-Profit)
$450.00 (License for For-Profit)

This Facilitator’s Guide helps you deliver the 75-minute Coping with Stress (and Depression) Workshop in your workplace or community. The guide includes instructions, a PowerPoint presentation, 100 Coping with Stress brochures, and handouts. For an experienced facilitator comfortable with the subject.

The workshop provides tools for managing everyday stress; discusses the relationship between stress, depression, and anxiety; ways to recognize depression and anxiety and how to get help.


License is for 1 year and the renewal fee is $100, and renewal includes a refresher training plus 50 new brochures.

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Teen Depression Workshop To train parents, school staff, and youth workers

$275.00 (License for Non-Profit)
$500.00 (License for For-Profit)

This Facilitator’s Guide provides you with the tools to present the 75 to 90 minute Teen Depression Workshop in your own community. This guide includes instructions, a DVD, a PowerPoint presentation, 10 sets of Depression and Bipolar Wellness Guides (one for parents, one for teens), and handouts. Best suited for a facilitator with basic knowledge of mental health issues and experience working with teens.

The workshop discusses teen depression; how to talk to teens/parents about it; treatment options; where to get help; what to do if help is refused. Includes role-play conversations about a depressed teen. 


License is good for one year, renewal fee is $100, and renewal includes a refresher training and 5 more Wellness Guide sets

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Family Stories

If you or someone you know is in crisis, call 800-273-TALK or 911 immediately. For crisis support via text message, text LISTEN to 741741.