You Care, Help Share!

National Mental Health Month

May 1-31, 2019

A Campaign to Deliver Encouragement and Education to Caregivers Supporting Loved Ones with Depression or Bipolar Disorder

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Do you know?

Caregivers of people with depression or bipolar disorder play a crucial role in their loved ones’ lives.

Parents, spouses, siblings, and other relatives are often the first to notice when their loved one isn’t doing well. Family members are in the strongest position to step in if their loved one needs help with their everyday life.

Caregivers often struggle with understanding mood disorders and knowing how to be a partner in treatment.

Although family caregivers spend an average of 31.8 hours a week assisting their loved ones, they sometimes struggle with understanding depression and bipolar disorder, how they can support treatment, and how to navigate the healthcare system.

With education and support, family caregivers can have a major impact on their loved one’s wellbeing.

In a recent study, teens (participants aged 13-17) with previous hospitalizations for suicide attempts who elected to have caring adults receive education and support were more likely to be alive 11 to 14 years later.

About #YouCareHelpShare

Families for Depression Awareness is launching a campaign for mental health month (May 1 to May 31, 2019) to encourage and educate family caregivers. Through the distribution of caregiver education materials and a social media awareness campaign, we aim to help caregivers all across the U.S. get the support they need to be effective partners in care.


How you can help

  • Download our social media kit and share information about the You Care, Help Share campaign with friends and family.


  • Donate $30 to send one (1) CAREGIVER CARE PACKAGE to families who need free resources. A portion of this donation also supports our ongoing work.


  • Host a fundraiser online or in your community to support our mission and distribute more care packages.


  • Follow our campaign calendar and engage in the coordinated activities.


  • Share your stories about mental health and caregiving on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #YouCareHelpShare.

Why care packages?

In addition to support, family caregivers need educational resources. Our CAREGIVER CARE PACKAGES, each delivered in a reusable tote bag, include

  • Our suite of educational publications including our brand-new 50+ page Helping Someone Living with Depression or Bipolar Disorder handbook, Adult Depression Guide, brochures of family stories, and Coping with Stress brochure

  • An inspirational caregiver magnet

  • A letter of encouragement from a Families for Depression Awareness volunteer.

Your $30 donation offsets the cost of one care package and mailing and supports Families for Depression Awareness programs. Give more to send more! ($60 for 2, $90 for 3, or $120 for 4, etc.)