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Time Stamps

Short on time? Here are some time stamps to help you get to the content you need now!

0:00:00 – 0:06:02          Introductory information (agenda, basic info, etc.)

0:06:03 – 0:11:03          Becky’s story of her lived experience as a caregiver

0:11:04 – 0:16:28          What caregivers can do to support their loved ones regarding insurance

0:16:29 – 0:30:51          Terms to know for comparing insurance plans and anticipating costs

0:30:52 – 0:40:43          Choosing a plan and enrollment, featuring Hannah Frigand

0:40:44 – 0:50:40          A preview of what you’ll see when you are looking at plans

0:50:41 – 1:07:55          Appeals and making the most of your coverage, featuring Wells Wilkinson

1:07:55 – 1:17:58          Caregivers need to take care of themselves, and here’s how

1:17:59 – 1:22:59          About Families for Depression Awareness and webinar wrap up

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