Teen Depression Workshop

For parents, school staff, youth workers, and community members

Our interactive Teen Depression Workshop teaches adults how to recognize depression in teenagers and how to intervene. The workshop offers practical insights into communicating with teenagers, parents (if you are the teen’s teacher or other school administrator), and also reviews how to access treatment effectively. With an expanded knowledge base, adults are better able to address the mental health needs of the teens in their lives and to involve family caregivers in helping a teen get and stay well.

If you live outside of Massachusetts you can purchase the workshop for your school or community.

The Teen Depression Workshop is available in-person throughout Massachusetts. It can be customized to meet the needs of your particular group of parents, school staff, or community members. Our staff will discuss with your event planners in advance any specific concerns, experiences, and resources available within your community so that the workshop is as relevant as possible to participants. The program typically lasts 90 minutes but this can be adjusted depending on the needs of your group. This program also works well in conjunction with our Teen Speakers program, creating two personalized events to focus on education for adults in the community while allowing teens to hear lived experiences from their peers in order to create a dynamic for future dialogue.

Grant funding may be available to cover the cost of this program. Request an in-person workshop.